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I am writing to recommend Above the Rim Gym Basketball with much pleasure. This organization laid the groundwork by teaching basketball fundamentals while uplifting the children with encouragement. The impact on the community and my child's self-esteem has been priceless. When we signed my 8 year old daughter up for basketball, I immediately observed that this organization was committed to supporting our children through positive reinforcement. During my daughter's experience, her game improved tremendously and her confidence increased immensely, which is top priority. Above the Rim Gym ensures that they are building up the kids while teaching the sport. This was huge for me as I realize that kids must understand the importance of believing that they are great so that that can achieve such. I am grateful to Above the Rim Gym for their positive influence and the mark of self-awareness, self-esteem and self-love that they left on my daughter's life. - Parent Jennifer Boyd (Daughter Daija Boyd)

My son attended a summer basketball camp at Above the Rim Gym with Coach George at 11 years old and had played a couple of seasons of rec league ball before his time with Coach began. Needless to say, he did not have a very high basketball IQ nor did he have a huge desire to play competitively. He could shoot the ball fairly well so we thought he need to have the opportunity to learn the game from someone who knew it well.

     Another basketball coach referred me to Coach George, so I went there. My son learned early on that, while he did shoot the ball well, he did not know how to shoot the ball fundamentally correct and in a way that would give him the best chance for success. He began several weeks of one-on-one training that completely transformed him. He gained a better knowledge of the game as well as a great desire to compete at a high level. His ball-handling skills are remarkable, his shot has improved and his general knowledge of the game has improved leaps and bounds. George has instilled in him a desire to work hard at the game with the belief that he will see results. His confidence level is unbelieveably high and continues to improve.

     I could not be more pleased with what Coach George has done for my son. He had gained a love for the game of basketball that will stay with him for the rest of his life. More importantly, Coach George is a great example of a man built for others. His character comes through in all that he does. He has gained respect from my son that is priceless in today's world. For this, I am eternally grateful. - Parent Brian Linnell (Son Brevin Linnell)

"George, you have a very nice group of basketball players. Well-mannered and a joy to have at our tournament." -- League & Tournament Director, Stacie Eshenroder, Ultimate Sports Basketball Academy, Franklin, Tennessee

"Dear Coach George: I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude and amazement towards your program. As the parent of an avid basketball player, camps and clinics are something I am very familiar with. I must tell you that your program is one of the very best that we have ever been a part of! Regardless age or ability, your clinic offers guidance and training in all of the fundamental areas of basketball. Beyond learning the traditional skills of dribbling and shooting, children in your program gain discipline, sportsmanship and self confidence. Furthermore, your knowledge of basketball and passion for teaching is phenomenal! You are not just a name on a flyer or a spectator on the sidelines, you are on the court working with each and every one of them every moment they are there. Thanks to you my son is now mentally, physically and emotionally stronger on the court. While his steps may be a little faster and his aim a little more accurate, its the smile on his face that has meant the most! Again, thank you so much for all you have done! We can't wait for the next camp to start!!! -- Parent Jeanine Smith

"My son has played team sports for a variety of leagues and organizations since the age of 4. In all, he has played for more than 20 different teams in four different sports. During that time, our family has encountered many coaches with varying styles, but Coach Gibson stands out among them.

     "George shares his love and deep understanding of basketball with more than just one small, select team who can go out and win ball games. He understands that good basketball players begin with good fundamentals and has an unusual dedication to developing fundamentals, taking the time to know each player individually. George sees basketball as more than a game; it is practice for life.

     "Coach Gibson sees the opportunity for many teachable moments with players and seizes upon them. He constantly emphasizes to both players and parents that Above the Rim Gym should always represent itself as a "class act" in all ways. He teaches respect, discipline, integrity and many other values that are as important off the court as on. Last, George is a great communicator. He is the rare coach who embraces the idea that parents should understand and be involved in the team on every level." -- Parent Donna Abernathy

"We are finally settled in from our move, but I wanted to let you know that Matthew made his school's basketball team. I appreciate all that you guys did for him. He really learned alot, improved alot and gained personal skills. He came quite a bit further than just playing for Discovery School and I do believe you prepared him and developed him to get to this point. Thanks for everything you all did." -Parent Jessica Murray - Son Matthew Murray (Central)

"Coach Gibson is an excellent basketball coach. He puts in the necessary time to address the needs of each player individually. Along with teaching the skill of basketball, he also emphasizes the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship. As a person, Coach is very polite and mannerable. His disposition spills over to his players. Along with loving the game of basketball, he teaches them how to be respectful individuals on and off of the court. He also values education. Enforcing the title of student-athlete, Coach Gibson also monitors the player’s progress in the classroom.

     Many coaches are so focused on winning games that they lose focus of what should be cultivated first: the student, then the athlete. An example I can share is when my son simply was not giving his best at school. I spoke with Coach Gibson about pulling him from the team until he regained his proper focus. However, Coach suggested we work together by giving him extra laps to run while at practice. He also pulled him aside and talked with him about the importance of making the grade and always performing at his potential. The fact that he respects him and his opinion really made a difference in his drive. It is also nice to have the support from other important adults in his life.

     Finally, while Coach George loves to see his players win, he never forgets to tell his players to have fun. The game is about so much more than just winning. It teaches the kids discipline, respect, teamwork and how to enjoy working with others. Another personal example of why I feel Coach Gibson should be nominated for the Coach of the Year is how he handled a situation when my son was injured during a game. He ended up with a concussion. The care and concern he showed to us was very much appreciated. It gave me a different perspective of Coach George Gibson, the man." -- Parent Marcee White - Son Jaellan White (Blackman High School)